What is OpenContrail ?

OpenContrail is an Apache 2.0-licensed project that is built using standards-based protocols and provides all the necessary components for network virtualization–SDN controller, virtual router, analytics engine, and published northbound APIs. It has an extensive REST API to configure and gather operational and analytics data from the system. Built for scale, OpenContrail can act as a fundamental network platform for cloud infrastructure. The key aspects of the system are:

Network Virtualization: Virtual networks are the basic building block of the OpenContrail approach. Access-control, services and connectivity are defined via high level policies. By implementing inter-network routing in the host, OpenContrail reduces latency for traffic crossing virtual-networks. Eliminating intermediate gateways also improves resiliency and minimizes complexity.

Network Programmability and Automation: OpenContrail uses a well-defined data model to describe the desired state of the network. It then translates that information into configuration needed by each control node and virtual router. By defining the configuration of the network versus of a specific device, OpenContrail simplifies and automates network orchestration.

Big Data for Infrastructure: The analytics engine is designed for very large scale ingestion and querying of structured and unstructured data. Real-time and historical data is available via a simple REST API, providing visibility over a wide variety of information.

OpenContrail can forward traffic within and between virtual networks without traversing a gateway.  It supports features such as IP address management; policy-based access control; NAT and traffic monitoring. It interoperates directly with any network platform that supports the existing BGP/MPLS L3VPN standard for network virtualization.

OpenContrail can use most standard router platforms as gateways to external networks and can easily fit into legacy network environments. OpenContrail is modular and integrates into open cloud orchestration platforms such as OpenStack, Cloudstack, and is currently supported across multiple Linux distributions and hypervisors.

To learn more see the deep dive slides or the detailed software architecture document including more use cases as well.

OpenContrail Governance

OpenContrail is an open source project committed to fostering innovation in networking and helping drive adoption of the cloud. OpenContrail gives developers and users  access to a production-ready platform built with proven, stable, open networking standards and network programmability. Project governance model will evolve over time according to the needs of the community. It is our intent to encourage meaningful participation from a wide range of participants, including individuals as well as organizations.

OpenContrail sits at the intersection of networking and open source orchestration projects. Networking engineering organizations such as the IETF have traditionally had a strong emphasis on individual participation based on the merits of one’s contribution. The same can be said of organizations such as OpenStack with which the contrail project has strong ties.

As of this moment, the OpenContrail project allows individuals to submit code contributions through GitHub. These contributions will be reviewed by core contributors and accepted based on technical merit only. Over time we hope to expand the group of core  contributors with commit privileges.

OpenContrail Advisory Board (OCAB)

OpenContrail Advisory board was recently formed to provide inputs on strategic priorities, community evolution, development roadmap, project governance and operational efficiency. A diverse mix of top contributors and stakeholders from various backgrounds have been chosen to represent the OCAB. Read more about OCAB here

OpenContrail License

OpenContrail is licensed under Apache 2.0.

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