Below is a growing list of some of the most commonly used terminologies and abbreviations. If you are looking for something and don’t find it here, please email us at and we will make sure it is added to this list.

Acronym Meaning
AD Administrative Domain
API Application Programming Interface
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BNG Broadband Network Gateway
BSN Broadband Subscriber Network
BSS Business Support System
BUM Broadcast, Unknown unicast, Multicast
CE Customer Edge router
CLI Command Line Interface
COTS Common Off The Shelf
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CSP Cloud Service Provider
CO Central Office
CPU Central Processing Unit
CUG Closed User Group
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph
DC Data Center
DCI Data Center Interconnect
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DML Data Modeling Language
DNS Domain Name System
DPI Deep Packet Inspection
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
EVPN Ethernet Virtual Private Network
FIB Forwarding Information Base
GLB Global Load Balancer
GRE Generic Route Encapsulation
GUI Graphical User Interface
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IBGP Internal Border Gateway Protocol
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IF-MAP Interface for Metadata Access Points
IP Internet Protocol
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IPVPN Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
IRB Integrated Routing and Bridging
JIT Just In Time
KVM Kernel-Based Virtual Machines
LAN Local Area Network
L2VPN Layer 2 Virtual Private Network
LSP Label Switched Path
MAC Media Access Control
MAP Metadata Access Point
MDNS Multicast Domain Naming System
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching
NAT Network Address Translation
Netconf Network Configuration
NFV Network Function Virtualization
NMS Network Management System
NVO3 Network Virtualization Overlays
OS Operating System
OSS Operations Support System
P Provider core router
PE Provider Edge router
PIM Protocol Independent Multicast
POP Point of Presence
QEMU Quick Emulator
REST Representational State Transfer
RI Routing Instance
RIB Routing Information Base
RSPAN Remote Switched Port Analyzer
(S,G) Source Group
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDN Software Defined Networking
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SP Service Provider
SPAN Switched Port Analyzer
SQL Structured Query Language
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
TCG Trusted Computer Group
TE Traffic Engineering
TE-LSP Traffic Engineered Label Switched Path
TLS Transport Layer Security
TNC Trusted Network Connect
UDP Unicast Datagram Protocol
VAS Value Added Service
vCPE Virtual Customer Premises Equipment
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VM Virtual Machine
VN Virtual Network
VNI Virtual Network Identifier
VXLAN Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network
WAN Wide Area Network
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMPP eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
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