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From time to time, OpenContrail team and the community creates videos, for users and developers to better understand the product, partnership, and the use-cases.

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Spotlight Videos
In this 5-episode video series, OpenContrail Advisory Board (OCAB) members Edgar Magana, Cloud Operations Architect at Workday, Jakub Pavlik, CTO of tcpCloud, and Lachlan Evenson shares how important the OpenContrail community is, why they choose OpenContrail, how they solve ever-evolving networking problems, and what the future looks like in the SDN space.

Episode 2: Enabling Security & Automation Consistently End-to-End

Aug 25, 2016

Virtualized infrastructure leads to heightened security concerns. Find out how OCAB members and their respective organizations tackle this issue that is top of mind for every customer.

Episode 3: Embracing VMs, Containers, and BMS to Implement Hybrid Cloud

Sept 1, 2016

The cloud is made up of multiple disparate elements such as bare metal servers, VMs, and containers. So, how should our customers manage all these different technologies?


Episode 4: True Segmentation & Faster TTM with Microservices

Sept 7, 2016

With a network built to support containers, learn what OpenContrail Advisory Board members and respective organizations were able to achieve with Containers and Microservices.

Episode 5: Future of OpenContrail: The Community that Codes Together, Grows Together

Sept 19, 2016

What if we could automate the automator? What if networks could self-heal? What about interplanetary networking? Find out how OCAB members see the future of the cloud industry.



User Stories

eBay Classifieds Group Blends Cloud & SDN to Accelerate New Services

Jul 12, 2016

eBay Classifieds supports multiple internal clients and all of their requirements in more than 1,000 cities around the world. The company adopts cloud and virtualization services to get to market faster with new features, services, and campaigns using Juniper Networks Contrail Networking, Contrail Cloud Platform and QFX5100 Switch.

Bringing enterprise operations to OpenStack

Jun 23, 2016

Jakub Pavlik and Lachlan Evenson, OpenContrail Advisory Board Members deliver this talk at OpenStack Day Prague -2016.

OpenStack Days Prague 2016: Contrail Networking

Jun 23, 2016

Hartmut Schroeder talks at OpenStack Day Prague -2016 about Contrail Netowrking and OpenStack.

Build Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds with Contrail

Jun 23, 2016

OpenStack Days Prague 2016 presentation by Marc Rapoport.

Rocket Fuel for Networks SDN Solutions with OpenStack Fuel

Apr 23, 2016

OpenContrail provides secure, high-performance, SLA-compliant cloud services to multiple tenants in multiple locations with hybrid cloud topologies with OpenStack.

SmartCity IoT on Kubernetes, KubeCon EU 2016

Mar 25, 2016

Jakub Pavlik is chief architect of TCP Cloud . He is focused on building enterprise private cloud solutions based on OpenStack and Kubernetes. This includes vendors derivatives, like Juniper OpenStack, Mirantis OpenStack or RedHat OpenShift. He is responsible for whole infrastructure solution (architecture, implementation, operation). He is member of OpenContrail Advisory Board.


Meetup: Solving Kubernetes Networking w/OpenContrail

Dec 9, 2015

Let’s face it – container networking sucks. Adding orchestration tools like Kubernetes, Swarm and Mesos only compounds the problem. Not happy to accept this reality? Neither were we. Learn how networking became the biggest blocker for getting containers to production at Lithium Technoloiges and how we overcame it using OpenContrail.


Extending OpenStack Heat to Orchestrate Security Policies and Network Function Service Chains

Oct 29, 2015

Some Neutron plugins like OpenContrail not only implement the APIs specified by Neutron but also extend the API set to provide additional functionality.


SaaS Experience: Building OpenStack on OpenStack CI With SDN and Containers

Oct 28, 2015

Workday as a SaaS leader in human resources management and finances has faced a number of challenges in adopting and deploying open-source technologies such as OpenStack and OpenContrail. One of these challenges was to find a quick way to evaluate and validate Open source technologies in development environment before considering those for production.


Decomposing Lithium’s Monolith With Kubernetes and OpenStack

Oct 28, 2015

Application developers are rapidly moving to container-based models for dynamic service delivery and efficient cluster management. In this session, we will discuss a OpenStack production environment that is rapidly evolving to leverage a hybrid cloud platform to deliver containerized micro services in a SaaS Development/Continuous Integration environment.


OpenStack Consumption Models: Three User Perspectives

Oct 28, 2015

Deploying, managing, and maintaining an OpenStack powered cloud are a part of daily life for every operator. In this panel, we will take a critical view of the various options that are available for building an OpenStack cloud.


Orange Business Services

Oct 8, 2015

Orange Business Services is a global IT and communications services provider helping companies effectively collaborate, operate and engage with customers. Watch this video to learn how Orange Business Services is able to rapidly respond to customer needs by delivering innovative service creation with Juniper NFV solutions.

Edgar Magana, Cloud Operations Architect at Workday

Aug 31, 2015

Edgar Magana (OpenContrail Advisory Board Member) talks about his experience with using Contrail Networking and his views on the OpenContrail project.


Building a Secure Multi-tenant Cloud for SaaS Applications: Challenges and Lessons Learned

May 21, 2015

A panel discussion with Contrail, Workday, Symantec and Lithium about their experiences in creating Enterprise Private Cloud “Production” environments.


Use Case: Delivering an end-to-end Automated & Carrier-class NFV

May 20, 2015

Joint NTT – Juniper Networks presentation at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver, about automation of Business vCPE use case.

OpenContrail Demos

Accelerated Mobile Content Cloud enabled by Contrail

Mar 20, 2017

Juniper Networks, Affirmed Networks and Netronome together announced a carrier-grade, highly scalable solution that enables hardware acceleration of cloud-based VNFs for mobile operators. Watch the video for the complete solution.

Mesos (DCOS) with OpenContrail

Nov 07, 2016

In this video we cover OpenContrail integration with Mesos.

OpenContrail for Kubernetes and OpenStack Networking

Nov 7, 2016

Learn how OpenContrail acts as a single network controller for workloads / apps on OpenStack VMs, Kubernetes PODs and Bare Metal servers.   OpenContrail helps in seamless implementation of network and security policy across OpenStack and Kubernetes.

Elastic Service Chaining (AutoScaling) using OpenContrail

Nov 1, 2016

OpenContrail as the SDN controller provides a robust solution which will intelligently scale up & scale down the cloud-stack based on user-defined metrics. With this solution, cloud administrators define trigger points & the decision to scale is left to the cloud, thus resulting in an intelligent & elastic cloud.

Physical Network Function service chaining with OpenContrail

Jun 16, 2016

Demo workflow of traffic flowing between two virtual networks/zones that is subject to a physical and/or virtual network services and an additional service chain between two different virtual networks that uses the same appliance.

Service Chain Redundancy in OpenContrail

Jun 13, 2016

OpenContrail supports Service Chain Redundancy with the currently available routing policy feature set.

Port Tuples in Contrail

Jun 05, 2016

Contrail can use port-tuples for ports when launching VM services.

OpenContrail integration with OpenShift, Kubernetes

Apr 07, 2016

Demo with setup to run OpenShift+ Kubernetes with OpenContrail.

Hybrid service chaining across multiple Hypervisors

Jan 28, 2016

OpenContrail supports multiple types of hypervisors and containers. These can spawn simple tenant VMs and also more complex service instances implementing a Virtualized Network Function (NFV).

Demo : OpenContrail – Kubernetes Integration Demo

Jul 10, 2015

A brief demo of the evolved Kubernetes + OpenContrail plugin Integration.

Demo : E2E Automation of Enterprise Branch Roll-out

May 20, 2015

This is a demo that was presented at the OpenStack Summit 2015 (Vancouver). This demo shows how you could (a) roll out an Enterprise Branch in an automated manner and (b) deliver services to that branch in a rapid fashion.

Multivendor TOR Solution – Bare metal integration

Jan 8, 2015

Contrail Controller now supports OVSDB connectivity to ToR switches in order to integrate Bare Metal Servers connected to those ToR switches into virtual networks. Thus Virtual Machines and Bare Metal Servers can be equal citizens of Contrail Overlay Networks.

OpenContrail for NFV – DPDK Integration

Nov 5, 2014

Opencontrail has DPDK integration that benefits NFV applications.

IPv6 distributed virtual router for neutron networks

Nov 3, 2014

This video demonstrates IPv6 dual stack support in OpenContrail. It also demonstrates distributed virtual router for IPv6.

Neutron at scale using OpenContrail

Nov 3, 2014

Often scale testing of Openstack involves disabling Neutron. It has been claimed that Neutron does not scale. This video demonstrates Neutron at scale using OpenContrail.

Multi-vendor TOR support for OpenContrail

Nov 3, 2014

Video demonstrates adding Bare Metal Server to the virtual network. OpenContrail now supports OVSDB as southbound protocol for multi-vendor TOR(s).

Overlay network flows and physical network corelation

Nov 3, 2014

This video demonstrates capabilities of OpenContrail analytics engines. This is one such application built using analytics api, to map overlay flows onto physical network.

Supporting Heterogeneous Environments using OpenContrail

Nov 3, 2014

Opencontrail’s capability to create virtual networks and show interconnectivity between machines in the following environments:
1. Virtual machines spawned on different hypervisors: a. KVM b. ESXi; 2. Docker Containers and 3. Bare Metal Servers.

Scaling Secure Virtual Networks Within and Across Data Centers and Clouds

May 13, 2014

With OpenContrail, virtual network workloads are able to leverage automation and policy-based IP network services within and across data centers and heterogeneous cloud environments.

OpenContrail Community Update: New Service Chaining Demonstrations

Jan 30, 2014

The video illustrates some real-world use cases for OpenContrail’s ability to service chain virtualized network functions.

Elastic SSL VPN Service over Contrail for Secure Mobile Connectivity

Jan 7, 2014

This video showcases Contrail as a powerful platform to enable elastic and agile deployment of SSL VPN service to significantly facilitate secure mobile connections to enterprise critical resources and applications…

Bay Area Network Virtualization

Dec 16, 2013

Ankur Singla, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Platforms, Software Solutions Division, Juniper Networks, gives an overview of the OpenContrail internal architecture…

OpenContrail Developer Testimonial : John Deatherage

Dec 16, 2013

Hear what independent developer John Deatherage thinks of the OpenContrail code and his thoughts on where developers can start.

Intro to OpenContrail – Bruno Rijsman

Dec 7, 2013

In this presentation, we introduce Autoscale feature without using Netscaler, currently only work with Xen and show a short demonstration.


Enterprise Private Cloud

Dec 7, 2013

This video showcases Contrail’s capability to build an elastic enterprise private cloud to support IT as a Service.

CDN/Content caching as a service

Nov 14, 2013

This video showcases Contrail as a powerful platform to enable elastic deployment of Content Delivery Network services to significantly enhance the user experience of secure internal content sharing and video streaming within your VPN.

DDoS secure as a service

Nov 14, 2013

This demo showcases Contrail as a powerful platform that can dynamically provision and scale DDoS Secure service to mitigate distributed denial of service attacks, and safeguard business critical resources.

Production-ready Network Function Virtualization through Contrail

Nov 14, 2013

This video introduces the basics of Network Function Virtualization and showcases how Contrail can enable network operators to provision new network services quickly and cost-effectively over their existing infrastructure to reach new revenue opportunities and better compete with Over-the-Top service providers.

OpenContrail In Service Software Upgrade

Jun 16, 2016

This demo shows the process for OpenContrail In Service Software Upgrade from Version1 to Version2.

OpenContrail Presentations

Extending OpenStack Heat to Orchestrate Security Policies and Network Function Service Chains

Oct 28, 2015

Some Neutron plugins like OpenContrail not only implement the APIs specified by Neutron but also extend the API set to provide additional functionality. Some examples include the ability to specify security policies and the ability to define sequences of network functions to be applied to selected tenant traffic. This session highlights some of these functionalities.

Software-Defined WAN Implementation to Optimize Enterprise Branch Networking

Oct 28, 2015

Connecting an Enterprise Branch to the Enterprise Headquarters and Data Center in a seamless way, with centralized provisioning and monitoring, is something that all Telcos desire to accomplish for their enterprise customers in the immediate term. Check out the video for more info.

Apply, Rinse, Repeat. (re)Build OpenStack Ready Infrastructure Like a Pro [Crowbar + Contrail]

Oct 28, 2015

The work of running OpenStack has been getting easier; unfortunately, it’s still just as hard to operate the underlying physical data center. In this presentation, we’re going to talk about how to use open source tools build a consistent and repeatable underlay for your OpenStack infrastructure using OpenCrowbar and OpenContrail.

Open source approach to secure multi-tenancy via OpenStack in VMware clusters

Oct 28, 2015

In this brown bag session at OpenStack Summit, Aniket Daptari, Sr. Product manager from Juniper Networks talks about how OpenContrial helps in implementing secure multitenancy within VMWare clusters along with a customer use case.

Open source secure multi-tenancy in containerized and hybrid environments

Oct 28, 2015

In this brown bag session, Aniket Daptari, Sr. Product manager from Juniper Networks covers what modern cloud applications leveraging micro-services architecture look like, and what are the infrastructure needs they impose.

Gohan: An Open-source Service Development Engine for SDN/NFV Orchestration

Oct 28, 2015

Gohan is an API server for XaaS Services. Using gohan webui front-end, you can define new XaaS API on the fly. Resource status will be synced with agents, who will realize XaaS service, using etcd.

Deploying a Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Dynamic Service Automation

May 20, 2015

Joint Juniper Networks – Canonical(and a common customer) presentation at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver about the aspects of Hybrid Cloud.

OpenContrail and Agile Cloud Service Delivery

Nov 5, 2014

Capitalizing on the inherent benefits of open source software, standards-based network interoperability and policy-based automation, OpenContrail has fulfilled the need for elastic cloud network architectures that are production-ready.

Creating a Carrier-Grade Virtualized Network Function for Mobile Operators Using OpenStack

Nov 4, 2014

Mobile service providers are turning to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to quickly scale-up network capacity and scale-out the availability of network elements in a Telco Cloud, without the need to invest in discrete, proprietary physical network elements.

Contrail IBM Diaz Presentation

Nov 14, 2013

IBM Presentation about Contrail.

User Group Meetings

Meetup: SDN for Containers, OpenStack VMs, and Bare Metal Servers using OpenContrail

Dec 9, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: Symantec

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: Tieto

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: AT&T / Mirantis

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: Panel Discussion

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: AT&T

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Austin: eBay Classifieds Group

May 12, 2016

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: NTT i3

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: tcpCloud

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: Workday

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: Allegro Tech

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: Cloudwatt/Orange Labs

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: Intercloud Systems

Nov 4, 2015

OpenContrail User Group Meeting – Tokyo: Lithium Technologies

Nov 4, 2015


News & Media

Jennifer Lin – OpenStack SV 2014 – theCUBE

Sept 16, 2014

Jennifer Lin, Juniper, Contrail, at OpenStackSV 2014 with John Furrier and Jeff Frick.

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